Help Budapest Inner City to ease traffic congestion and its residents by taking the guesswork out of parking.
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Mainly in city centers, a significant part of the traffic is of cars looking for a parking space, so a parking optimization solution can significantly improve the efficiency of the entire transport system. As part of a pilot in Inner City, Budapest 1500 NB-IoT Parking sensors are sensing the free/busy status of parking lots in real-time and transferring the data to parking management applications. A complex smart parking solution needs a customer-facing mobile application that lets residents access all the relevant information.

Scope of Work

Business Analysis - Project Management - DevOps - Web Development - Mobile Development - UX/UI - QA


The mobile application was built with Expo which let us create a truly native app for Android and iOS from one codebase. With this, we were able to control costs and cut back on development time. In the application we introduced a feedback form, which allows customers to provide useful insights, which will help fine-tune the application for the future expansion. With the same focus the app has extensive and GDPR compliant analytics integrated.

During the design and implementation of the mobile application we had to work closely with the teams working on the sensor management and operation management services. The time pressure on the ongoing project led us to help in the definition of the APIs and implement new services on the backend for the mobile app.

Used technologies

Expo - React Native - NodeJS - Python


After the successful pilot, the businesses involved in the complex smart parking solution are focusing on expanding the service to additional cities. code and soda still cooperates as a consulting partner with business analysis, development services, and support.

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