A community website for beauty product lovers providing personalized recommendations.


A Hungarian beauty brand approached us to develop a community platform to expand its customer base and provide new types of services to its business partners and customers.

Let beauty product lovers simply answer a few questions and the site would provide them with a selection of personalized product suggestions. With having partnership with some of the best beauty retailers and brands the customers would also be able to browse through a vast collection of products and get real-time prices. Business partners would be able to launch product testing campaigns and customers would provide real-life reviews and feedback.

Scope of Work

Business Analysis - Project Management - Machine Learning Services - DevOps - Web Development - QA


code and soda’s team was involved in PixiBeauty at all stages of its development. The team built a custom CMS with Java and Spring to serve multiple business scenarios: inventory management, cost information updates, the introduction of various retail partners and brands, campaign management. An appealing, fast and modern mobile-first platform was introduced to the end-users and partner brands with VueJs.

Although data plays a big role in the personalized recommendations and the business behind product testing and reviews our focus was to fully comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Used technologies

VueJS, Spring


The initial end-user feedback was extremely positive. Thanks to the platform, customers receive personal recommendations which help them to avoid wasting money on the wrong and usually expensive products. Beauty brands have a new and convenient way to launch campaigns, introduce and market new products and get relevant feedback on their products.

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